Monday, August 18, 2008

Mark of the Be01100001st

Satanists and Puritans keep out - I just wanna be able to find where my stuff is in my house. Imagine a world where trying to round up 4 AA batteries isn't a frustrating experience. That's the litmus test for me with home RFID technology. I know, I's gonna be the end of our peaceful human existance (right). I also remember DBAs telling me the same thing when I wanted to use synthetic keys. Oh, the horror.

To be serious, I know there are privacy concerns, and there will be growing pains, but I think this is a pretty minor concern for most situations.

With the "find my rechargeable batteries" example, it could be just like the technology that currently exists to help you find your cordless phone from the charging cradle. You walk around the house with the little beacon device, and like a radio collared wild animal, the beeps get closer and closer until you find those batteries nesting smugly in that {thing-you-forgot-about}.

I guess I'll have to check back in another couple years. For now the price of the consumer level RFID tags are nearly a dollar each, and I can't find a consumer level tagging/searching device available yet. But I definitely think it'll catch on big when it does.


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