Friday, November 30, 2007

Capistrano on Site5

Capistrano makes deployment management easy, once it's configured correctly for the site you're working with. My sites are hosted on site5...the configuration below is a basic example of a working site. It doesn't have mongrel setup, but hopefully that part isn't too much harder after this.

BTW - don't bother trying to get it running on windows/cygwin. It's such a PITA, and I never even got it working, despite many many hours of trying and crying. I eventually used VMWare workstation with an Ubuntu 7.1 installation as my OS. There's some decent documentation out there to get the proper ruby/rails/gems/ and other supporting cast setup for *nix. But site5 also has many required configuration quirks.

So here's the page I created on their wiki:

If you find this useful, please pay it forward by keeping that wike page up to date. Their sticky forum pages are a mess. Even better would be a total step by step guide, since there's a lot of other steps that need to happen (covered by other guides)..but it'd be nice to have an all-in-one source somewhere.

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